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Kofi Asamoah and Kwaku Manu clash over 'wisdom' video about America vrs Ghana

Comment: Ghanaians can't sacrifice

Jason Blay
2019-08-19 08:17:52
Comment to:
@Kwaku Manu . FOOL.

Dude why calling kwaku Manu kurasinii,though I disagree with kwaku manu and the first speaker you don't need to address some one kurasinii. They have all miss the point there three things disturbing Ghanaians 1.tribalism, 2..religion. 3.language. let me take them one after the other, tribalism has deeply enter into every area of our life ie our politics, education,institutions and if such thing occur the people being to fear each other 2.language, every powerful country has one common language.they sacrifice their various languages to settle on one like USA, China or Germany.3..religion. suppose to be personal thing accordance with the person involved and his/her relationship with God. ? Ghanaians are we already to let go our languages and embrace one common language. Our current 1992 constitution is the worst of its kind helping the politicians to go escorts free with funny indemnity clause, are we ready to call for change with one voice.

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08-19 05:18
Ghanaians can't sacrifice
Jason Blay
08-19 08:17