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Kofi Asamoah and Kwaku Manu clash over 'wisdom' video about America vrs Ghana

Comment: Lack of understanding

Eagle eye
2019-08-19 05:25:46
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Kofi Asamoah and Kwaku Manu clash over 'wisdom' vi

Ghana is practising a presidential system of govt and not a parliamentary system where the prime minister is the leader of majority party in parliament . Britain is example of what you are suggestion.

And say our MPs has what it takes to decide for us?
Its better we give the management of our country to private business men on contract so we give them spec...which they wld be assess based on the 'rules of engagement'.

In that case everybody, black, white or yellow can be invited to apply . Am of a firm believe that such system will work more than our current ineffective system being run by incompetent people both in parliament and the executive.

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08-19 05:18
Lack of understanding
Eagle eye
08-19 05:25