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Becca shares first photo of her baby bump

Comment: these clowns called celebrities

2019-02-08 18:18:07
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All staged and unnecessary

Is it true that Becca took this picture to show her baby bump. Ten she is a fool! In fact a fool of the highest order. She is showing her bump to others so that they do what with it? Is she the only person who has got pregnant? One would have thought that being pregnant at this time, she would have retired into her inner rooms and taken to soberly reflections as to what to do after the birth of her child. Again those soberly moods if well observed , could be a good moment for her to develop insightful music lyrics and beat, well if she is indeed a musician as she claims. But as is won't of any stupid felon, she goes goes round needlessly making herself busy. Stop this stupidity now!!!!

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02-07 08:00
these clowns called celebrities
02-08 18:18
Kelvington McArthur
02-08 09:57