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I’ve slept with many men but Amugi is the best – Rosemond Brown

Comment: Re:Spineless & hypocrite pastors.

kwabena Ansa
2018-12-29 13:23:35
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Re: Shameless bunch

The church is not losing any battle against immorality. The church leaders- the so called prophets do themselves indulge in immorality, sodomy and naked robbery. Some of them sleep with their church members wives, get in bed with prostitutes, and even have girl friends besides their wives. To be honest with you, some of the so affectionately called men of God are a bunch of hypocrites who use the gospel to fool and dispossess gullible people of their livelihood.

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12-28 13:00
Re:Spineless & hypocrite pastors.
kwabena Ansa
12-29 13:23