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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

Comment: The pure truth. Ghana let's change!!!

2018-09-11 18:38:41
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Ghanaians are born to be stupid

You have said it all. I'm a Ghana-Nigerian, cos my parents come from both countries. I'm glad my parents live together. Maybe because my mother is a Nigerian. I would rather be addressed as a Nigerian, but I also respect my father. Now I wonder this thing of "my father is in Accra, and I am living with my mother's sekend hesband" Don't mind my writing, but that's how they sound. In the same sekend hesband's house are children of the sekend hesband from another woman. My God,,,, Ghana should hide their face and ask questions why so many divorce in their country. Ghanaian ladies naturally don't like to live with husbands,,,, they want to live alone so that Mensa can come in morning, Kofi in the mid morning, Kwame at noon, and etc. This is their main reason for divorce (Legal Prostitution).... Lol. One of my friend told me, since they quickly pose as underage to chop Nigerian men's money,, he now go for divorcees and very happy he get them so many,,,,, they even pay for the service. I'm waiting to see this issue of divorce discussed on TV, but I never see any. Instead, they advertise sex pills for their girls and hard drinks for their weak men. What a country! What about the Sakawa stuff being advertised on Homebase, UTV,etc,,, encouraging the youths to come and make quick money. So, this is why you have many lazy men here. Yet, they accuse Nigerians of doing 419. I Rest My Case. Comments are welcome.

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09-11 11:57
The pure truth. Ghana let's change!!!
09-11 18:38