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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

Comment: Igbos are cheap criminals.

2018-09-11 14:03:51
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Sherifa Gunu divorces Nigerian husband

The Igbo man is the most criminal in the world, we must know the difference between the WELL educated Yorubas and the man eaters IGBO. Yurobas don't travel to any West African countries but rather they work and study in America and Europe as professionals. Igbos are bush animals and they will do anything to make money they are mostly illiterates and criminals so avoid them. Not all Nigerians are bad but the Igbos are liars and criminally talented they take advantage on the vulnerable people. They are wicked ass holes. We will deal with them the South Africa way.

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09-11 11:57
Igbos are cheap criminals.
09-11 14:03