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Meet the Ghanaian model blending fashion with religion

Comment: Muhammad fooled you all

Kponkpa Gari Olonka
2018-09-10 23:55:23
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Meet the Ghanaian model blending fashion with reli

Muhammad the dirty Arabian rapist prophet fooled you all. this man was a racist and pedophile. he was a murderer and a thief. he was a liar and a charlatan. muhammad was everything but a prophet. Reading the koran and the hadith makes you think if Muslims are really sane or what. How can you read the rubbish of the koran and still follow this sex addict Muhammad as a prophet?? this same man said hell is full of women and that majority of people in hell are women? he also said any one who want to know what the devil looks like should look at a black man. he killed so many many men and took their wives and daughters as sex slaves and share some among his followers as war booty. all this and people still follow him as a prophet. Aisha, his child bride whom he married at 6 years old said she always had to scrape sperm off Muhammad's cloths because he was always having sex with his sex slaves. so if he is going to reward men with 72 virgins in paradise what is he going to give to the women?

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09-10 19:44
Muhammad fooled you all
Kponkpa Gari Olonka
09-10 23:55