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Lydia Forson shows appreciation to fans after winning first AMVCA

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Kwame Canada
2018-09-05 20:27:30
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Dear Joy, I aware that you are hiding your real name, first, shame, shame, shame, shame on to you! Why do you have to rain insults to an innocent sister?, What is your problem with Miss Forson? I 'm of the opinion that you have never met this woman in you life, hence you have the obstructionist towards Miss Forson just because you don't like her. Are you sure you have a sister at all? Please even if you don't have a sister, kindly show Miss Forson a little respect! Do you have a girl friend? How do you treat her as woman? Do you insults your sisters and mother simply because they are women? Are you sure you have a girl friend in your life? Shame on to you!

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09-05 04:40
Re: hi
Kwame Canada
09-05 20:27