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Ebony’s one week memorial: Turnout shows Ghanaians are hypocrites – Songo

Comment: WAKE UP AND WISE UP, BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2018-02-21 11:32:28
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Ebony’s one week memorial: Turnout shows Ghanaia

You guys manipulate good and gifted people in society to engage in situations that cuts them off at the prime of their lives, and then make a U-turn to insult the entire nation for your doing??? When gifted souls learn to stay away from people like you, they will last into their old ages; but with people like you managing these young talents, I really fear. Do you remember Whitney??? Please respect yourself and keep that mouth of yours under lock. How many Ghanaians do you know??? Ebony sings, other people do other things. Many have lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends etc, etc. Many, including myself are still bearing the long term economic consequences of such painful deaths with no one to even say how are you. Do I have any right to insult Ghanaians for that? Did Ghanaians drive that jeep? Did Ghanaians force them to travel at 10-11pm??? Please keep your cool. It is best you get close to God and be willing to seek His righteousness now before your time on earth runs out. He receives those who receive Him, respect and obey Him. It is a personal choice, not an assumption. Get real, and get your soul saved. At least you can check 1John 5:11-13 for clarity and help. You don't mock God. What you sow is what you reap. After death stands JUDGEMENT for ALL PEOPLE, and His bosom is for His children (John 1:12 and John 3:16).If you are willing that God receives you, then be willing to listen to Him(God), otherwise don't ever deceive yourself that the Most Holy God will snatch you from the darkness awaiting you and all people without Christ Jesus as Lord(in charge)and Saviour(from darkness and hell). You have just been advised.

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02-19 03:50
WAKE UP AND WISE UP, BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02-21 11:32