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Ebony’s one week memorial: Turnout shows Ghanaians are hypocrites – Songo

Comment: What is the hypocricy about that?

.Lily Afua Bafoaa Mensah.
2018-02-19 10:11:42
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Ebony’s one week memorial: Turnout shows Ghanaia

I don't get it. Those who didn't like Ebony's dressing including me did like her as a person. She was being told to dress decently and be moderate about her sexually suggestive antics on stage. Does that mean we didnt like her and wished her dead? We are no hypocrites. We loved her as a person and since she had a large following especially the youth, she was supposed to serve as a good role model. She once wore a dress that exposed her "pussy". Is it good? If people who critcised her were at the funeral were there because they loved her. Constructive criticism does not mean hate. I loved Ebony to the max but sometimes her dressing was overboard and it does not mean if I criticised her and went to mourn with the family, it makes me a hypocrite. She started dressing well but it came too late. Labeling all those who frowned on her dressing as hypocrites is rather unfortunate. If it was your sister will u advice her to expose her "pussy"? I was a big critic of Ebony's dressing but I loved her big time for her voice and talent.

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02-19 03:50
What is the hypocricy about that?
.Lily Afua Bafoaa Mensah.
02-19 10:11