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Meet the Ghanaian who owns the most expensive cars in the country

Comment: Aaaarrrhh Ghanaweb Paaa!!!

2017-02-23 21:03:21
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People like gossip

Come on Ghanaweb!!!!
Are you guys at Ghanaweb going to get on board in building a better Ghana where the citizens strive to become better people through education, innovation, entrepreneurship or you will continue to be a major player in the attitude that has contributed to our retrogression since independent? What kind of message are you given to our young up and coming youth? You put this flashy cars out on a reputable blog site like Ghanaweb without a word on how this guy was able to afford them and you expect out youth to read and be inspired by it?
This guy in the picture looks pretty young and so we deserve to know how he was able to acquire all these. The kind of business he is engaged in that makes him such huge money to be able to afford all these stuff then the youth in society can learn from it but in the absence of that, the first thing today's Ghana youth will think of is Sakawa and the next time you know, someone has been inspired to sacrifice his own mother in order to live a life like this guy.
Please help us build a better Ghana and if you don't have a clue on how to do then I will advice that you close this site down as soon as possible because most of what you report on this site is not good for public consumption and it certainly won't help us build a better Ghana.
Thank You.

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02-23 17:59
Aaaarrrhh Ghanaweb Paaa!!!
02-23 21:03