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Growing up without a Mom - Nenebi

Comment: Re-So what happened to ur father

2015-05-11 15:20:18
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So what happened to ur father?

Quote..." My suicide attempt was a failure just like the rest of my life" You are wrong! You are not a failure! The fact that you make mistakes in life does n't make you a failure! Note this:Dad failed as a Mechanic, Dad sat his O'LEVEL two times be4 getting 5-Credits, Sat A-LEVEL 3x be4 getting 4passes, Sat his ACCA Level-One 5times and ACCA Level 2 for 4times. Dad was refused promotion for 9years in one rank bcos he refused to do a degree course and rather did a professional course. Dad was the only Ghanaian in a contingent of 20 police officers in Kosovo who was refused extention of stay and was sent back to Ghana. When Dad submitted his ACCA results for upgrading/promotion he was refused again and he spent 6 more years in another rank. But Dad is corrently a Country Director for an International Organisation! And in an era of Dumsor, Dad opened two companies! How dare you, Son! You are Not a failure! You only failed-forward! ha ha ha ha ha, JESUS IS LORD OF MY LIFE! I do not deserve it, but you know, Favor is not fair! Praise God!

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Re-So what happened to ur father
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