Entertainment of Sunday, 16 March 2014

Source: Sarpong, Justice

"Maame Serwaa Amanehunu", A Kumawood Classic"

I have taken a two weeks vacation laying around with a lot of time on my hands so I have been watching all the Twi Movies that I have not been able to watch previously.

A week ago I wrote about my disappointment with some of these badly made movies from Kumawood but I watched two Twi movies last night that brought the smile back on my face. First, a movie called "Me Bonsam" is really good with actor Shon Paul acting the part of an old man perfectly. Maame Serwah, Nana Yaa and Christiana Awuni did not disappoint either, a very good movie but the movie that needs praise is "Maame Serwaa Amanehunu"

The story line of this movie mimics the reality that goes on in Ghana between grown men and pretty young girls. I will not go into details of what transpires in this movie so not to kill your suspense but it is worth every pesewa those Twi movie lovers to buy this movie . Maame Serwaa, Nana Yaa did a very good acting job as usual and these two young girls are carrying the torch of Kumawood high. As usual with Kumawood movies, the movie was supposed to be a four part movie but ended to be a three part rather. It was one of those few times that I couldn't predict what was going to happen at the end after watching some few scenes or at most the first part of a three or four part movie.

Kwadwo Nkansah(Lilwin) as usual tried to act funny in all the scenes in played in as a houseboy cum chef and came out really bad. The problem I have with this guy is that, he over acts and some of what he does is beyond reality. In this particular movie, his attire as a Chef and the scene where he was stuffing his pockets with cooked rice, putting rice and wine in his Chef cup was not funny at all and is not a reality. His Ali Baba shoes is not funny either and somebody could have played his part to make this great movie a classic but Lilwin almost torpedoed a great movie with his childish antics.

Lilwin can be a funny guy if he can stop trying to be funny where it is not needed. I don't know anywhere in Ghana where a houseboy can disrespect his Employer's wife and family as Lilwin does and still keep his job and Lilwin does this movie after movie. Twi Movie watchers want to watch something that culturally based and reality and not dumb jokes. If you are a Twi movie enthusiast, you need to watch "Maame Serwaa Amanehunu"

Justice Sarpong