Television of Monday, 25 February 2013

Source: GhanaWeb

Apartment N1, another Ebo Whyte classic

Uncle Ebo Whyte has another theatre masterpiece for his numerous patrons in his latest play, Apartment N1.

On the eve of the vetting of Mr. Ken Nti, a minister designate, he gets an urgent call that makes him rush to Apartment N1, an expensive dollar-rated apartment occupied by Serwah, a sexy student from a poor home.

Thirty minutes later, he dashed out without his shirt and goes home to lie to his wife. The next morning, Serwa is found dead. So, when Ken should have been in parliament for his vetting, he finds himself in the grips of the law and a bitterly disappointed wife.

What really happened at Apartment N1? And why is a senior police detective losing her mind over what she is discovering in her investigations?

Apartment N1 explores the issues of love, duty and fidelity.

Apartment N1 opens to the public at the National Theatre on Saturday March 2nd and 3rd, 2013. Rate: GHc50

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