Entertainment of Thursday, 3 January 2013

Source: Obed Boafo

It’s not my fault that my body is pornographic - Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has opened up on just how she feels about her plump and beautiful body.

“It’s not my fault that my body is pornographic,” she told Fashion 101 host Sandra Ankobiah.

Forson’s rather sexy and well-toned plum body seems to have stirred up a lot of debate over the past few years, with some appreciating her all-figured-out and nicely-shaped contours.

The award-winning actress however said discovering who she was, really helped in appreciating her natural and God-given looks, caring less about what others taught about her.

“For years I did not think I was so beautiful,” she says. “For years I went through a lot trying to be what others wanted me to be.”

Talking more on her sense of fashion, Lydia, who usually comes under criticism from sections of the public for revealing just too much of her cleavage at times said: “I don’t like to show them, they are there…”

“Comfort is key. I don’t really follow trends. What works for one person doesn’t work for another.

“If you are confident in what you are wearing, the rest of the world would always think otherwise... I love to be comfortable and just to be me. I always want a touch of edginess in everything I do”.

Forson jokingly added that she “wouldn't mind a spread” in the world-famous Playboy magazine, insisting that “I feel we should celebrate who we are”.