Entertainment of Thursday, 27 December 2012

Source: Patty

Patty’s Review on the Secrets of GH Girls

KSM continues to show why he is the ‘King of Satiric comedy’ in Ghana, a title he has held for almost two decades.

Having watched him perform a couple of times on stage, what intrigues me about him is the flair with which he replays everyday events with such humorous touch and his ability to get people to laugh at themselves.

There is no doubt this master of satire puts in a lot of effort and preparation to capture and sustain the interest of his audience for over an hour.

His Christmas Day production was billed to be another rib-cracking show, touching on the controversial topic of the new generation of Ghanaian ladies popularly tagged ‘GH girls or ‘gers’ ”if I may and our addiction to everything fake all in the name of beauty enhancement and the unspoken competition of ‘wosh? a, m?sh? ‘.

And need I forget the ‘wild’ tactics employed by young ladies to drain the pockets of their well-profiled male partners dry?

As usual, KSM exposed a few well kept secrets with those comic qualities that have made him a household name with an impressive theatre following.

The cherry on the cake for the evening was the night club rendition of Azonto vrs Boogaloo.

The event was emceed by a young comedian JB (James Brown) who was equally hilariously funny and music was provided by the One Ghana (for your pocket) man, EL .

I am looking forward to his next production and I am one of the people hoping he exposes the GH boys this time around.