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Festival of Plays with Uncle Ebo Whyte

This year ending, Roverman Productions invites you and your company to purchase bulk tickets for your Board, Management, Staff, Clients, Partners and all other stakeholders to watch our Festival of Plays package, 5 original plays written and directed by Uncle Ebo Whyte at the National Theatre.

The plays synopses and schedule are as follows;


Everyone has a secret is many intriguing stories in one. Meet Bonsu, a man recovering from Motor accident and desperate to keep the facts of the accident from his wife. Meet Bonsu’s wife, Esinam, involved with a dangerous drug baron she thinks is a saint; meet Mawuli who knows the reason why the maidservant had to leave; and meet Atta, who in his hour of need turns to his friends only to have them stab him in the back. Date: 22nd December, 2012.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT “Caught in the Act” tells the story of Martin who returns from trek to find his wife in bed with another man. That was bad enough for him but when his wife showed no remorse and the strange man asked for privacy; Martin begins to wonder if he’s dreaming. But his nightmare has only just begun as his next move opens the Pandora’s Box and threatens to blow his world and that of his parents apart. In “Caught in the Act”, Uncle Ebo Whyte weaves his most intriguing story yet and takes the audience on an unbelievable journey of betrayal, blackmail and restoration. Date: 29th December, 2012.

TRIALS OF THE GHANAIAN KSM returns home after studying and working in the USA with a mission: to change Ghana. Follow KSM on this hilarious journey as he struggles to come to grips with a country and a system that accepts the unacceptable; a country where lights go on and off as if children are playing with the switches, a country where Coca Cola and Pepsi are treated as the same thing and waiting forever for service raises no eyebrows. Will KSM end up like his buddy, Joojo, who has given up on Ghana and is returning to the USA or will he survive and succeed? Date: 30th December, 2012.

DON’T MESS WITH A WOMAN “I don’t think a woman knows herself anymore when she is pushed to the wall” -Naa in “Don’t Mess with a Woman” What do you do when your best friend steals your man? For Naa, that is a simple matter – just steal her wedding. And how do you steal a woman’s wedding? This is the story told with wit and humor in “Don’t Mess with a Woman”, the latest play by Uncle Ebo Whyte. “Revenge is sweet but in the long run, it is empty and very expensive.” -Odame in “Don’t Mess With a Woman” Date: 1st January, 2013.

DIFFERENT SHADES OF WOMEN Bishop Boafo rushes back from a journey when news reaches him of a break away in his church, spearheaded by his favorite pastor. He feels betrayed and taken advantage of. He is angry and is threatening physical and spiritual action but his wife is restraining him. Should he listen to his wife and let things be or ignore his wife and go ahead with his plans? “Different Shades of Women” details the lives of four women, their impact on their homes and lives, their approach to life and interaction with the men in their lives. “Different Shades of Women” also answers the important question “What is responsibility of a wife to her household and husband?” Date: 2nd January, 2013.

Dates & Time:

22nd December 2012 - Everyone Has A Secret

29th December 2012 - Caught in the Act

30th December 2012 - Trials of the Ghanaian

1st January 2013 - Don’t Mess With A Woman

2nd January 2013 - Different Shades of Women

Two Shows; 4pm and 8pm each day. Full package - GH¢150, Single Ticket - GH¢40 This can be the perfect corporate gift from your company to its clients or from you to a deserving friend.

For Enquiries and ticket deliveries contact: Elsie – 0302 233037/0243789056.

Have a ‘Roverman’ Xmas with Uncle Ebo Whyte.