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Raquel's New Hit 'Lovi Dovi' To Be The Biggest Modern Highlife Song

Raquel seems to be musically unstoppable. She gave Ghana ‘Odo’, then she did it last year in a collective effort to bring 'Sweetio' to life, the songstress also brought us ‘Set Me Free’ and now she has single-handedly delivered another commercial classic masterpiece called ‘Lovi Dovi’.

Touching base with Raquel before the press release, she describes Lovi Dovi as a Fun, Happy Love Song, with very simple words.

She also pointed out that she kept it simple because she wants the song to cut across from the young to the old. Everyone will love and dance to this record as she ends her statement with a beautiful smile”.

Indeed she does keep her listeners smiling, listening to Lovi Dovi you will notice the comical and humorous side of love and romance…..she sings ‘’….Kw3 M) Sane ?? Ohani Iwei Ga’’ ,as if to say that the abundance of love and romance can make one speak another language or perhaps make one speak their own mother tongue in a way that they never thought they could.

She definitely had me smiling. Current promotional analysis shows that ‘Lovi Dovi’ has received massive radio air play since its official international online release on the 3rd of September 2012.Figures show that within the last two months the song has received over 35,000 online replays and about 18,000 plus downloads online and on mobile handsets;locally and internationally and still rising.

So, I have been asking myself “What exactly is the meaning of the phrase Lovi Dovi and/or what is it referring to?”Some say it is just a simple term for Love, some say it’s a kind game, some say it is a greeting while others say it is indeed the meaning of sex, some also say that it is a word Lovers use in calling themselves.

However if you listen to the song she enters the chorus singing, ' ... I want to do the Lovi Dovi Lovi Lovi with you, oohh my darling yeaah' if u will agree the entire statement makes the word 'Lovi Dovi' a doing word because of the preceding ‘I want to do...’ Now what I want to know is what exactly does Raquel want to do? Is it any of the above mentioned?

And will she be portraying that in her latest video? Well…I look forward to seeing whatever Lovi Dovi she will be doing in her video at the premier on the 30 th November at Club Invasion.

Fans can like this page for behind the scenes photo updates and more information. Speaking to a spokesman from Raquel’s management team, he confirmed a video trailer will be out by the end of the first week of November for fans to have a taste of this all new and exciting music video. The video is slated to be premiered @ the plush Club Invasion, Kristy’s Lounge 68 Lagos Avenue, East Legon on the 30th of November, 2012.

The record has received a lot of international attention from various Dj’s, online radio and radio stations. Raquel has taken interviews from radio stations from the U.K, U.S and Ghana. The song has taken Nigeria also by storm as reported on one of the most renowned online music Mongol of Nigeria

Raquel calls this one 'Lovi Dovi' which she compliments with the phrase, '.. Show your love'. The record has a mix of Hi-Life and Afro Pop. If the video is able to match up to the song then I believe that it will live up to its expectations.

This song since its release has been the fans favourite. Listen and download for free 'Lovi Dovi'. Fans are advised to subscribe to the YouTube Channel, coming soon for exclusives on the Lovi Dovi trailer and the video.

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