Music of Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Source: Kojo Smith

Audio: Knii Lante goes global with 'House of Pain'

The much awaited spanking new single of Knii Lante, one of Ghana’s all time best vocals has been released and the craze is taking over the music world by storm with endless rhythm and soul.

The song titled ‘House of pain’ is a reggae single recorded in the Grafton studios in Jamaica, and produced by the world renowned saxophonist Dean Ivanhoe Fraser. This is the first single to be released out of his forth coming album ‘Deep in Reggae’.

Knii Lante, who won Ghana’s Best Male Vocalist in the year 2010, made a complete switch giving his music fans the true feel of his quality as an artiste. With a complete touch of passion and perfection, he blows the verses into the reggae world and indeed touches both lovers or otherwise of the music genre with the lyrics of his songs.

With the release of ‘House of pain’, the singer cum Medical Doctor, according deep throat sources, is on the list of some major record labels and is leaving no stone unturned to measure up to the world’s great.

Authoritatively, this passes as one the best reggae songs ever to come of Ghana and is already being tipped for an award by top guns in the industry.