Entertainment of Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor

Fashion Turns ‘Madness’ @ Events

‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’ has been a lifestyle saying for donkey years spanning from generation to generation; more so in our present society where everything is said to be exclusive, the relative exuberance is drifting us away from the norms of our culture.

At recent events with the Ghana meets Naija and the I Love Ma Life Concert in context the word ‘civilization’ was roiled, the ‘madness’ rose so fast that our female folks gladly flexed their muscles on ‘who killed it most’, ‘who wore what to that particular event’, but just as one popular author coined it, ‘…your attire reflects your sense of value’, until you are advised by the designer on what fits you from your wardrobe, who brings the womanhood in you, then your image will be seen in public as harebrained.

A piece of advice from our desk to all fashion patrons (not just the ladies); do not conform to the norm of stooping so low but dress the way you want to be addressed…if not for anything, do it for the sake of the lens that hovers around inside and outside the auditorium not to catch you off guard.

fashionIn this twenty-first century, expensive does not mean classy, comfort should be the main criteria and in this context, wear something that makes you respected, confident and secured to events or be aware of what you put on, where you are, who is watching and how to sit.

Nakedness is taking a toll of the way our ladies define ‘attention’ at events. Isn’t it part of our African wise saying that, ‘from within comes true beauty’, thus, we must portray the essence of our living with caution and integrity in sight.

In the précis, what does fashion at events mean to our Ghanaian ladies? **