Television of Tuesday, 5 July 2011

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New Telenovela “Untamed Soul” on VIASAT 1

As part of programming plans for the year Viasat 1 has created a slot to accommodate a second Latin American telenovela, in addition to the 3pm weekday slot. Beginning Monday 11th July, the 5:30pm weekday slot which erstwhile catered to Nigerian serial Domino will carry a second telenovela. The new telenovela Untamed Soul (Alma Indomable) starring Scarlet Ortiz and Jose Angel tells the story about Alma Perez. Alma Perez is a diamond in the rough: uneducated who lives with her cruel stepmother Rafaela "Pucha" Perez and sister Jazmin Perez. Destiny brings her to the hacienda of Patricio Sorrento, where she begins to work as a maid. Unknown to her, she is actually the heiress to Patricio's fortune. Pucha, her adoptive grandmother was paid to raise Alma by her real grandmother Paula Romero. There, she meets Juan Pablo Robles, the administrator of the hacienda who lives with his mother Caridad Robles. She begins to teach Alma how to read and write. Alma and Juan Pablo immediately fall in love, but when she sees him kissing Dubraska Sorrento, she feels betrayed and leaves the hacienda. After some time, she comes back as a successful, rich and beautiful woman to claim her fortune and seek revenge on her enemies. Esteban de la Vega is a rich man who also loves Alma and will do anything to have her. Together with his cousin Abigail Richardi, who is in love with Juan Pablo, they conspire to separate the two. The 2009 telenovela Untamed Soul which has aired in more than 16 countries has been rated one of telenovela’s best and at one time attracted 37million viewers for an episode! Untamed Soul will air on Viasat 1 Mondays to Thursdays at 5:30pm, starting 11th July 2011. Other programs set to make their debut on the channel include American series South Beach, which take the Saturday 8pm slot beginning 9th July 2011 and America’s Next Top Model, which will take the Friday 5pm slots starts 15th July 2011.

South Beach is centered on two best friends, Vince and Matt, who left their lives in Brooklyn and moved to the beautiful South Beach in hopes of finding a better future. Matt meets up with his fashion model ex-girlfriend Ariel, who has a new boyfriend Alex, the manager of the nightclub Nocturnal. He has trouble getting along with Alex, and both Matt and Ariel can't seem to settle on just being friends as feelings from their past relationship keep getting in the way. Matt eventually hooks up with Maggie, a waitress and bartender at the nightclub, but things still seem to be tense when Matt and Ariel are together. Meanwhile, Vincent gains the trust of Fuentes, a powerful player in South Beach's shady underworld, and is offered a job with him. Vincent carries out some pretty odd tasks for Fuentes and gets put in some very intense situations while working for him. He also finds Brianna, a model friend of Ariel, who he believes might be "the one" and sets his sights on her, eventually hooking up with her and beginning a meaningful relationship.

Season 9 of the popular modeling reality series America’s Next Top Model premieres Friday 15th July at 5pm. Created, Produced and Hosted by Former Victoria Secret top model Tyra Banks, the America’s Next Top Model franchise has been acclaimed one of reality TV’s most successful ventures. Up to cycle 8 the show has produced some of high fashion’s best runway models and fashion world’s commercial models the likes of Eva Pigford, Yoanna House, Caridee English and Eugena Washington. Season 9 has been adjudged the franchise’s most successful. Episodes of America’s Next Top Model repeat Sundays at 2:30pm. The new introductions have effected some changes to the program line up of the channel, including Grey’s Anatomy now showing Saturdays at 11pm, Isidingo now on Mondays at 2:30pm and Friday African movies now showing 6pm. More programs and new seasons of existing programs are expected to make their way onto the channel before 2011 closes.