Entertainment of Thursday, 27 May 2010

Source: Hi Newspaper

Sleep ‘Blackmails’ Kofi Adjorlolo On Set?

Ghana's most starred elderly actor, Kofi Adjorlolo could not cheat nature when after doing so many hours on set of Diamond Production’s upcoming flick, 'Blackmailed', got worn-out and caused an act, unfortunately, not scripted.

A worn-out Kofi Adjorlolo was expected to sit in court proceedings as a witness in “Blackmailed”, a movie he recently ended. The court setting had benches for witnesses and observers but Uncle Kofi (as he is affectionately called) was given a plastic chair as an act of respect. A few minutes into the shoot, he was spotted in “dark spectacles or shades”. Mind you, that was not a prop in the script. The “shades” was used by him as a cover up, to prevent people from seeing his weary eyes.

He starting dozing off and off and off and before Director Phil Bernard could say “cut”, Uncle Kofi was on the ground, breaking the plastic chair he was sitting on, all in split seconds. Hi Newspaper wouldn't be surprised if a montage made up of funny and rare scenes in this movie was created to close 'Blackmailed', which should hit you in a matter of weeks.

Earlier on, in an interview with Hi Newspaper, the highly experienced Kofi Adjorlolo spoke about several pertinent industry issues. Before that he reflects on his status “I have paid my dues as an actor. When most of my peers were still holding on to their jobs, I gave it up and decided to build myself a career in the movie industry. Then, it was like a silly decision but now I am reaping the benefits. Today, I am given that role in almost every movie you watch that needs an elderly person- both locally and elsewhere. Maybe, that's why people think I spend more time acting in Nigeria than in Ghana”

He offered another secret to his success “I don't handle more than one job at a time. I finish working on one script before I move to the other. When you do that, you are able to stay in character till you finish shooting.”