Tabloid News of Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Source: Daily Guide

Sex scandal rocks KNUST

Barely two weeks after students of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) mourned a female Business Administration student who died after a concrete walkway collapsed on her, the university has been hit by another damaging story.

This time around, it is a sizzling sex scandal involving two first year Civil Engineering students captured on video.

This scandalous development, according to DAILY GUIDE sources, has attracted the ire of the university authorities and the conduct of the two students is said to have been referred to the school’s Disciplinary Board for appropriate sanction.

Unconfirmed reports say a letter has already been prepared for dispatch to the two ‘love birds’ whose conduct is dragging the image of the university into disrepute, as the sex scandal is the talk of town in Kumasi and beyond.

The 52-minute video footage, currently circulating on the campus and around Kumasi, is dubbed, ‘KNUST PORNO’, and showing two students, Botuo and a lady nick-named ‘Junky’ (not real name), engaged in hot rounds of sexual intercourse.?

The sex scandal, which occurred at the Queen’s Hall, one of the halls of residence of the university, has become the topic of discussion on campus since it broke last Wednesday.

Students have copied the images of the sex escapade on their laptops and mobile phones and are viewing it indiscriminately at their leisure hours, while relaying it to friends and relatives, not withstanding the examination period.

The sizzling sex video has been vastly circulated to the extent that people outside the four walls of the university even have copies on their laptops and mobile phones.

Discussions over the issue is raging like wildfire because the lady is a known active member of a Christian group and has won the accolade ‘prayer mama’ because of her ‘Krife’ attitude on campus.

DAILY GUIDE learnt that although the ‘sexy couple’ are writing their end-of-semester exams, they have fled the campus to an unknown destination immediately the recording became public and it is not clear what their fate would be.

In the blistering sex video, a copy of which is available to DAILY GUIDE, a thick tall looking boy was seen taking the light-skinned woman through hot sexual bouts on a bunk bed.

Immediately after getting onto the bed, energetic-looking Botuo undressed and ordered Junky, who was wearing a black ‘T’ shirt with blue jeans and appeared poised for action, to take off her clothes.

In the background, scintillating hip-life tunes from K.K. Fosu, Kwadee, Lord Kenya and others could be heard.

In the course of the naughty period, Botuo was compelled to intermittently disengage, as some people appeared to be knocking on the door.

Botuo, in spite of the long sexual session, forced the girl to perform more lewd acts on him, as he continued to kiss and fondle her breast as a sign of good bye.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that the man was unaware that the entire sensual act was being recorded on the laptop, which was opened on the desk as he later found out that his room-mate had set his laptop to record their encounter.

The paper learnt that upon realizing that he had been set up, Botuo pleaded with his room-mate to delete the said folder from the laptop.

Sources confirmed to DAILY GUIDE that the laptop was re-formatted to ensure that the recording was totally deleted.

Unfortunately, the room-mate, according to DAILY GUIDE information, for one reason or the other, sold the laptop to a colleague student at the Unity Hall, who subsequently recovered the video recording from the recycle bin and the dramatic circulation began.

DAILY GUIDE sources revealed that while ‘Junky’ is an old student of a popular girls’ school in the Eastern region, Botuo is a former student of a boys’ school in the same region.