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Fantasy coffin: Kumawood actor Agya Manu buried in style

Comment: Where Is Kumchacha's Late Mother

2021-08-27 13:21:35
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Fantasy coffin: Kumawood actor Agya Manu

Is Kumchacha's mom back? They spent every monies on earth to bury their mother the Coffin was like a house so we all thought she was going to come back but sadly nobody has ever returned. Please let us learn from his an please correct passed mistakes so that even if we do not go what the civilized nations are doing at least we can come up with small or moderate funerals as the muslims and Jehovah's witnesses do and use the monies not for show off on the dead but rather invest in various ventures for future generations or use that monies to get a Bohe Hole for your town and name it after your mom or dad or build a community center,Library etc.and name it after your mom or dad.Just invest it for the long term by using it even sponsor somebody to the university than investing in the dead because it is totally useless because as one white fellow once said the dead once the eyes closes it does not see or the show off or noise being made and do not feel any guilt just give a normal decent burial.Do not let us continue the old mistakes.Please let us give our people first respect while they are alive by taking care of them while here and not last respect to show off to girl friends and boy friends when they are gone because R.I P is rest in peace but also means return if possible because it is just impossible for anybody to return.God bless us all.

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Where Is Kumchacha's Late Mother
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