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Fantasy coffin: Kumawood actor Agya Manu buried in style

Comment: Ghanaians And Funerals

2021-08-26 13:46:37
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Fantasy coffin: Kumawood actor Agya Manu buried in

Oooh when will Ghana or all of Africa learn from our past wastes and mistakes from showing off or dumping monies on the dead or funerals knowing very well that none has come back or is coming back while most of the living in the families can not even get enough to eat or even pay bills.It is about time we rethink because the whole is rather making mockery of us if we by now do not know.Just look at most rich civilized nations such as Japan 99% of the dead are just cremated,look India and all the Asian nations 80 to 90% are cremated,look at UK,Germany etc.60 to 80% are cremated because they do not see any need or use to waste resources on the dead under the guise of the word tradition they will rather invest that monies in opening more businesses for the young to get some jobs to do but look at Ghana rather investing special coffins,keeping the dead in morgues for months and even years for unnecessary litigations etc.please lets think investments for future generations in the families and on the dead.Go to most funerals abroad and you can even count the number of people even most will tell you that their funerals are private because they don't believe in show off but believe in investments to benefit the living.
Look at what a person in one of these civilized nation said " I HAVE TOLD MY CHILDREN TO PLEASE NOT WASTE ANY OF THE MONIES I LEAVE BEHIND ON ME BUT THEY SHOULD RATHER INVEST IT IN SOME AREAS THAT WILL BENEFIT THEIR FUTURE WHEN I"M GONE. Just think about such a statement and about who is doing God's work.
We only talk tongues and fast but refuse to use our God given senses.
Even go to a muslim or Jehovah's funerals in Ghana very simple.

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Ghanaians And Funerals
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