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LifeStyle of Tuesday, 14 September 2021


You should be able to let your woman know if you’re uncircumcised – Lady advises

Amma Serwah, a fashion designer and actress, has advised men who have not been circumcised to be open about it to their partners.

In Ghana, it is customary that a baby boy is circumcised right from his infant stages, however, there happen to be a few men who are not circumcised and since it is not exactly normal for a man to be uncircumcised in Ghana, most women shy away from such men. Due to this, the men are also shy and scared to let their partners know that they are uncircumcised.

“Marriage is not a ‘try your luck’ thing so once you decide that this woman is the one you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with, that is when you should let out every truth. If you fart while asleep or snore while asleep, you need to communicate that to your partner,” she said.

“If you’re able to open up to your partner about the fact that you weren’t circumcised when you were a baby and explain that you were probably scared to get the circumcision done when you grew up and realized, I’m sure that if she really loves you, she won’t break up with you because love conquers everything,” she further advised.

According to Amma, a lady who really loves her man, although may not be happy to find out about something like this, will still think about it and come up with a solution like going to see a doctor for advice, etc instead of leaving the man. On that note, she urged men never to hide such information from their partners.