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LifeStyle of Thursday, 22 July 2021


You’re unprincipled if you demand sex for jobs – TV presenter

Dora Badu Owusu Adomah, TV presenter Dora Badu Owusu Adomah, TV presenter

Communicator, Entrepreneur and host of 'Badu’s Unscripted' on eTV Ghana, Dora Badu Owusu Adomah, has described people who ask for sex in exchange for jobs as simply unprincipled.

According to her, people try to find lots of reasons like the woman’s appearance among other things to back such behaviours, however, there is no reason good enough to justify the act. She said this during an interview on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes.

“What will make a man demand sex in exchange for a job is simply because he has no principles. We always try to find justifiable reasons for things but it’s not right. Some people just think that because they’re in a position of power, then they can ask you because you’re desperate,” she said.

Dora mentioned that although demanding for sex in exchange for a job is more dominantly done to females, it is an act that is also done by some women.

Therefore, if a woman goes to look for a job and she is made to go through that, then there is a possibility that she may also continue the tradition when she becomes a boss.

Badu noted that if things continue this way, the chain will never be broken and the canker of employers demanding sex in exchange for jobs will never be dealt with. On this note, she advised that it is high time women come out to report people who indulge in such acts.