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Entertainment of Wednesday, 15 December 2021


When you are prominent, people just want to sully your reputation - Dr Kwaku Oteng

Chairman of Angel Group of Companies, Dr Kwaku Oteng play videoChairman of Angel Group of Companies, Dr Kwaku Oteng

People talk about me because I am prominent, Dr Kwaku Oteng

I am a devoted Christain, Dr Kwaku Oteng

Dr Kwaku Oteng shares view on why people talk about him

The Chairman of Angel Group of Companies, Dr Kwaku Oteng has stated that humans are fond of tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of prominent men and women in society.

According to the Ghanaian business and media mogul, a lot has been said about him which are not true. He adds that it is normal to come across fabricated stories which are targeted at denting his image.

In a viral clip, Dr Oteng ceased the opportunity to clear his name and also appeal to the public to disregard all the lies. He noted that 98 percent of the rumours are entirely false. Only 2 percent of these accusations sometimes turn out to be true.

"Nobody talks about you when you are an ordinary man. Take a look at the young man surrounding me. We are all not perfect but once it is about me, they will talk about it. I can't even do a quarter of what these young men do but every day, Dr Kwaku Oteng is being called out for various allegations.

"Today that I have the opportunity to speak, I will love to clear my name. I am a very devoted Christain. Never in my life have I even killed a fowl, I beg you don't believe all you hear.

He again denied rumours that he is married to 6 wives. He believes that he has become a target due to his status in society.

"People go about claiming that Director (Dr Kwaku Oteng) has 5 to 6 wives, it is never true. I beg you, just 2% of the things am accused of can be true. About 98% are not true, I beg you. Just remember that people only talk about those who are popular," said Dr Oteng.