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Walk away if a woman isn't physically attracted to you - Mr Smooth advises men

Relationship coach, Mr Smooth play videoRelationship coach, Mr Smooth

Mr Smooth says physical appearance matters in a relationship

Relationship coach speaks on finding a life partner

Ensure a woman's inner and outward beauty attracts you, Men told

Relationship coach, Mr Smooth, has explained why men must ensure that the woman they choose to date meets all the requirements they seek in a lifetime partner.

Some men are attracted to women with line legs with others being big fans of boobs and buttocks. But what happens when you end up with a woman who doesn't have these features you so love?

Speaking on Moans & Cuddles with Paula Amma Broni, on GhanaWeb TV, he noted that a woman must be "attractive in a certain way," not just her good character which is equally important.

"When it comes to going out with women, the person you see is important. The person's looks, so if I know what I want, I look for that in the woman...Some people have a whole list of stuff that they are looking at. First of all, the woman must attract you in a certain way," Mr Smooth explained.

Sharing his two cents on the topic "I wish I had dated more before marriage" on Moans & Cuddles, Mr Smooth argued that one doesn't have to go out with multiple men or women just to find a husband or wife.

However, it takes a mature individual to know what he or she truly seeks in a life partner.

That should be the ultimate guide in landing on the woman who is sure to remain attractive to you even in old age.

"First of all what are you looking for, then from there you are looking at what's inside because it is not the looks you gonna live with. It is the character you gonna live the guy, do you want fine legs like I do? Do you want hips, breasts or backside? You the guy must be mature enough to know the girl you want to roll with," he admonished.

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