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Umar Krupp breaks down in tears during interview

Ghanaian actor, Umar Krupp, 'tears up' in an interview with Zionfelix play videoGhanaian actor, Umar Krupp, 'tears up' in an interview with Zionfelix

Umar Krupp narrates broken heart and depression encounter

Umar Krupp fed up with life’s crises

Umar Krupp almost gives up on acting career

In a bid to narrate his painful ordeal about an unforgettable experience where a woman shattered his feeble heart, Umar Krupp could not hold back his tears.

Umar, while narrating his story, disclosed how such a bitter encounter made him a shadow of himself for a long period of time.

Earlier, the Ghanaian actor shared pictures that sparked gay rumours online.

While many Ghanaians concluded that the actor might have perhaps joined the LGBTQ+ community, others figured that he could just be battling depression.

But speaking on his recent strange posts on social media, Umar disclosed that he was in a dark place.

While admitting to the fact that he was extremely depressed, Umar said his broken heartedness and financial crises during the COVID-19 lockdown season was the foundation.

He said the entire situation got out of hand to an extent he resorted to hard drugs.

“Emotionally I was unavailable. People I helped when I was okay weren’t there for me. My lover who spent all the sweet moments and the lavish lifestyle with me left me to my fate. She was nowhere to be found and left me in my woes.

“I was just in a dark moment trying to find myself. I wanted to find out who I have offended. I did some drugs here and there trying to put myself back on track. It was really bad. I wake up sometimes and head to my washroom, I sit there for a long time or sometimes sleep there. From the first lockdown till now. It was really bad,” he told Zionfelix.

Umar also disclosed that throughout the dark times, his only confidant was Eddy Nartey.

“I will always appreciate Eddie Nartey. He is the one I confide in. I recently told him I want to leave the industry because Ghanaians don’t deserve me,” he said.

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