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Entertainment of Saturday, 26 June 2021


Train your sons to become responsible husbands - Counsellor Oduro to women

Dr Charlotte Oduro Dr Charlotte Oduro

A Marriage Counsellor, Dr Charlotte Oduro, has urged women to train their male children the way they want their husbands to be so that they can be good men when they grow.

She noted that some parents do not allow their male children to do anything at home or help with house chores and they grow with it.

She said most of the men who are arrogant and do not appreciate women learn from home through how they were raised, hence the need to change the narrative.

Speaking on Atinka TV’s morning show, Ghana Nie with Ama Gyenfa Ofosu Darkwa, on why some men run away from their responsibilities, Dr Oduro said most men are not mature enough to be men and are mostly not ready to take responsibilities as men from the beginning.

She blamed women for allowing men to sleep with them just because they are in love without assessing if the men are responsible enough.

Dr Oduro also noted that most men just go in for sex sometimes but end up having children and rather run away from their responsibilities because they were also not ready to assume the fatherhood role.

She urged women to be more careful because they suffer the consequences of irresponsible men who they get pregnant for especially before marriage.

When asked why people celebrate Mother’s Day more than Father’s Day, she said people celebrate mothers more than fathers because the sacrifices they make for their children are more than that of the men.

“A woman cannot leave her children... but the man can do it. It is difficult for women to do that, but for the men, it is not,” she said.

She said even irresponsible fathers should be celebrated so that their guilty conscience will judge them.

“If we want to hold on to the pain, it will not help. If you have children and you do not take care of them you will not succeed in life,” she said.

She added that irresponsible fathers struggle more in life, urging fathers to take responsibilities if they want to have a good life.