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Tracey Boakye can only settle for a second wife - Counselor Lutterodt

Counselor Lutterodt advises Tracey Boakye to consider being a second wife Counselor Lutterodt advises Tracey Boakye to consider being a second wife

Counselor Lutterodt blames pastors for saying adulterers will go to hell

Counselor Lutterodt endorses extramarital affairs

Counselor Lutterodt encourages wealthy men to marry more women

Controversial marriage and relationship counselor, George Lutterodt, has indicated that actress Tracy Boakye can never get married unless she settles for being a second wife.

According to the counselor, the men capable of providing the needs of some female celebrities are already married and so single men should be completely ruled out of their lives.

“Most of the celebrities in Ghana can never get married because the men that can provide for their needs and sustain their standards of living are all married,” he said.

Meanwhile, Counselor Lutterodt has blamed clergymen for preaching that being a second wives is unacceptable and people who get involved with multiple women will go to hell.

“Their bane is the pastors in this country have lied to them that being a second wife will land them in hell. It’s a lie. It’s better to be a second wife, third or fourth to a wealthy man who takes care of you, than being with a man and still taking care of yourself.

“Who can marry Tracy Boakye? She’s supposed to be a second wife. What Tracy Boakye needs now is not fame but money,” he continued.

Quite recently, the counselor endorsed extramarital affairs, saying it has been ordained by God.

According to him, God purposely designed side chicks to help strengthen marriages.

“Side chicks have been blessed by God to follow married men, every woman who follows a married man. God has been blessed you and he has given you long life,” he said.

Meanwhile, to support his argument, the counselor explained the levels in relationships women tend to have with men stem from friendship, to being baby mamas and then to being side chicks.

He further claimed that as a public figure, marrying one person does not glorify the Lord enough, hence one needs to marry more than one.

This statement by the controversial counsellor was made when he was celebrating media personality, Abeiku Santana, on his birthday in the studios of Okay FM on February 16, 2022.

This kind of construction can be problematic, "According to the counselor in an interview with Okyeame Quipho on Angel FM"