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Movies of Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Source: citifmonline.com

Thousands throng National Theatre for ‘Damaged Goods’

From the first scene to the end, patrons could not help but laugh

The National Theatre was packed to the brim when patrons thronged the auditorium to watch Roverman Production’s latest play, ‘Damaged Goods,’ over the weekend.

From the first scene to the end, patrons could not help but laugh as they were taken into the home of a typical Ghanaian family. ‘Damaged Goods’ is centered on a family described by society as perfect.

The Arkursts, made up of Rev. Arkurst (husband), Fidelity Arkurst (wife), Ama Arkurst (daughter), John Arkurst (son) and James Arkurst (son) are the ideal family.

Having been married for over seventeen years, this family is bonded with love and affection for each other, until a DNA test reveals the horrible truth; all three children are not fathered by the same man.

Patrons stayed glued to their seat as the truth unfolded with the passage of time. One pregnancy was brought into the marriage, another through rape and the last, infidelity.

Is it possible to forgive? How do you handle such pain? What happens to the children? ‘Damaged Goods’ answers this from diverse angles, leaving the audience in awe and admiration. But for single patrons of the show, it also explored how people, usually women are regarded by others as ‘damaged goods.’

Although there have been calls for a re-run of the show, it is not yet communicated if lovers of stage drama who missed out on this latest production will be given a second chance to watch it.

In the meantime, Ghanaians can wait patiently for another exciting production from the Roverman team in September as it marks its third quarter.