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'They attacked my marriage' - Beverly Afaglo explains her ‘I'm not broke’ video

Actress Beverly Afaglo play videoActress Beverly Afaglo

• Beverly Afaglo has broken her silence on an old video

• According to her, she has been wrongly judged by the public

• The actress expressed her disappointment in persons who used the said video against her

Actress Beverly Afaglo has explained the genesis of an old video being circulated by persons who are against donations made to her following a fire incident that destroyed her home at Tema.

In 2020, the actress who is married to singer Choirmaster of Praye fame in a seven minutes and fifty-six seconds video announced to the public that she is not broke and she works hard for her money. Beverly also revealed that she is a landlady who inherited properties from her late father who was a chief.

Fast forward to August 2021, the recording has come back to bite her following an appeal for funds to support her after losing her home and properties to fire. Critics who strongly opposed a GoFundMe account set up by her colleague, Yvonne Nelson, referred the public to her claim that she wasn’t broke.

But addressing the allegations levelled against her, Beverly in an Instagram live session called off the donations and also explained the story behind the old video making the rounds on social media.

According to her, she came out to speak following an attack on her marriage by gossip mongers who claimed that she was having an affair with another man in London.

“Let me backtrack to that video, I am not mad. I won't wake up and start ranting and say I have this and that, I am not crazy, I will never do that.

“If you are wise, if you are human, If you think, if you are matured enough, you should listen to that video and should think about what pushed me to say that.

“At the time I made that video, there were stories going around after I granted an interview on radio. The presenter asked me about a rumour that he said he has heard, by the time I left the studio, the next day there were stories around the question he asked," she explained in the live video.

She continued: “The rumour at the time was that I’ve been going to London back and forth lately that I have a man in London that has been buying my ticket and I’ve been visiting him. I got upset, why would you even think that I have a man aside my husband. Secondly, why must you think a man would have to buy me a ticket before I can go for my vacation.

“I went mad and recorded the video I did. I told the world that I am not broke, I never ever used the word rich. I never, go back and play that video… I said I was not broke and of course I am not broke and I can never be broke in Jesus's name.”

In spite of the backlash, Beverly has maintained that she will not accept the "broke" celebrity tag.

“I will emphasize again that, the video they are playing around was an attack on my marriage. That is why I decided to talk and in that video, I never said I was rich. I said I was not broke, and I will never be broke in Jesus's Mighty name I will never be broke. I have family, friends and real fans who love me, I can begin to mention the number of people who have shown me love," she said.