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Tabloid News of Thursday, 23 June 2022


The world cannot exist without men – Dr. Akanayo

Founder of Akanayo Herbal Center, Dr. Alhaji Akanayo Founder of Akanayo Herbal Center, Dr. Alhaji Akanayo

The founder of Akanayo Herbal Center, Dr. Alhaji Akanayo, has disclosed some reasons why everyone needs father figures in their lives.

According to him, fathers are keys to the world; hence, the reason God positioned them as the head of the family.

In an interview with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’, Dr. Akanayo said, “A father gets no reward for everything he does except blessings from God. This is why anyone who considers his or her father an enemy answers to God. Because you rather have to answer to God and not your father because God put him in his position.”

He disclosed that even if one’s father does not care for their needs, you should not be at loggerheads.

“If you can’t be on bad terms with God, then you shouldn’t be on bad terms with your father. A lot of people are suffering today because they have made up their minds to never take care of their fathers when they make money. Their mindset is causing them the punishment they are currently experiencing,” he emphasized.

The spiritualist furthered that, It is a curse for anyone to win a debate against their father because “the same way you can’t debate with God is the same way you shouldn’t debate with your father.

What we have to understand is that God purposely gave men the position they have hence we need to respect and act accordingly,” he added.