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The ID card system in Ghana is pure rubbish - DKB fumes

DKB says it is frustrating that we have several ID cards being used in the country DKB says it is frustrating that we have several ID cards being used in the country

• Ghana currently has several types of ID card floating in the system

DKB says this is a messed up system

• He wants authorities to stabilize the ID card system in the country

Comedian, DKB, has lashed out at the inconsistent ID system in the country, charging authorities in charge to stabilize the system.

In a tweet, the comedian, who was visibly angry at the frustrations involved in having to present different types of Identification Cards at different places, and for different reasons, wondered why such a simple process should be so cumbersome.

Describing the system as rubbish, DKB shared his experience on how he got frustrated when he went into a bank to create a bank account.

“Somethings are total rubbish in this country and it must be said. Where from these inconsistencies with IDs? You want to document something simple; the system is so inconsistent with IDs. Who are those in government in charge of IDs? Can’t you just be stable for a minute? What is all this frustration for? What is all these frustrations for?

“I’ve come to bank, I’m trying to open an account, nonsense! You gibe this ID, no, we don’t take this ID. We take this ID, we don’t take this ID. Why? Why? Why? Why all this? At first, with one ID, you can open an account, you can do literally everything with it,” he lamented.

Also, the comedian questioned the idea behind IDs getting expired, accusing the government of just using such a system to get people to payment unnecessarily for replacements when identities in itself can never expire.

“How does an ID even expire? How does an ID expire to be honest? My identity is a Ghanaian. The documents show identity so, if the document has expired, does it mean I’m not a Ghanaian anymore? There should be new rules where even if your ID expires, you can document with it.

“Expiration of IDs is just another way of the government saying, ‘come and pay me for renewal.’ And you’ll go and pay the government for a small paper to be given to you. But for your ID, how does your identity expire as a Ghanaian? Ok, so my passport has expired and so all of a sudden, I’m now from Grushi or from Kazakhstan. Am I not still a Ghanaian?” he said.

He also gave a classic example to corroborate his point, urging the authorities in charge to stabilize things and save everybody all the frustrations.

“Granted, my ID is expired. If I go and commit crime now and they get my old ID, would the police say it is expired? So, you see that it is rubbish? Pure rubbish. Those in charge of the ID system in Ghana, stabilize it,” he advised.

As it stands now, many institutions like banks do not accept the new voter ID cards even after it was used in the 2020 elections.

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