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Entertainment of Sunday, 26 September 2021


Th4kwages was formed to bring respect to Hip-life – Fiifi Selah

Th4kwages Th4kwages

Former Member of Th4kwages music group, Fiifi Selah formerly known as Scooby Selah has asserted that the group was not formed to gain fame or riches.

He shared that the primary goal of the group was to promote Hip-life and groom talents in the Western Region.

Th4kwages clique which is now known as the Westside Legacy, started with Scooby Selah, Atsu Koliko, Papa Flavour, Diabolo and the late Castro with the aim of making Hip-life prominent in an era dominated by the High-life tradition.

Although they put in their all to make this dream a reality, they suffered opposition from the older generation who were used to High-life.

Sharing their struggles in an interview with TJDJ on the Friday Nyte Myx of Y97.9FM, Scooby Selah shared, “It wasn’t about money for us. The fight was more than money because we were set to prove a point and not make money. We were having fun and trying to prove to the elders that we could make Hip-life popular in the Western Region like it was in Accra and Kumasi.”

According to him, Hip-life at the time was regarded as a genre for riffraff and “there was beer fight from the older folks just to prevent us from blowing. The lifestyle and fashion sense of a Hip-life artiste was rejected and frowned upon.”

Scooby Selah who is happy at the growth of the Hip-life genre in the Western Region hinted, “I am happy about where we are now because we now have a lot of artistes representing the Western Region. We have Kinaata, Ayesem and the likes. I am glad the Th4kwages vibe is still lingering on in the new artistes I am seeing.”

Scooby Sellah from the Th4kwages music group among Atsu Koliko were the first hiplife music group from Takoradi to introduce Fanti rap in the hiplife scene in the early 1990s when we only knew of Buk Bak, VIP, Nananom, Reggie Rockstone and co.

They were one of the best music duos Ghana had considering their creative Fanti rap skills.

They made the Taadi Fanti rap so popular in Ghana and that drove the interest of people’s attention on talent from the Western region.