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Entertainment of Sunday, 13 June 2021


Tempers flare up as Shatta Wale clashes with Arnold on TV

Shatta Wale was provoked following Arnold refusal to apologize play videoShatta Wale was provoked following Arnold refusal to apologize

Shatta Wale was uncomfortable with Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo's analysis of his State of the Industry Address

• He consistently heckled the journalist and called him poor

• Film director Kofi Asamoah (KOFAS) had his share of the insults when he tried to offer a piece of advise to Shatta Wale

Tempers went over the roof on Saturday night as Ghanaian dancehall musician, Shatta Wale clashed with entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo on the United Showbiz.

The misunderstanding broke after Shatta Wale requested an apology from Arnold which he declined because the latter felt he did no mistake.

Failing to apologize, Shatta Wale accused Arnold of being disrespectful and thereby calling the entertainment critic a ‘small boy’, something that provoked Arnold to throw tantrums at the musician.

According to Shatta, “people like Halifax call to verify when they hear stuff but these people [like Arnold] sit behind their PC and blog. Your blessing is why you wear two cedis sneakers.”

The panel on the show had tabled Shatta Wale’s state of the music industry address for discussion when the dancehall musician denied not stating that Highlife and Hiplife were not music genres.

Shatta said, he expects music industry players to promote one music genre to the world.

Shatta further bragged about how he has been able to make it from the streets and dared Arnold to name any house he owns in the country since he became a journalist.

At this point, Shatta Wale who was very angry, claims Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has become bold because he is on live TV.

“You think somebody be your boy, it’s only on TV that you can do this” Shatta Wale said.

Arnold then replied, “We are tired of everyday streets. All you can do is call your boys, you can’t scare anyone here.”

The duo later made peace.

Watch video below