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Entertainment of Monday, 1 November 2021

Source: MzGee Ghana, Contributor

Studying theatre arts for 4 years is a waste of time - Eddie Nartey

Filmmaker Eddie Nartey play videoFilmmaker Eddie Nartey

Filmmaker Eddie Nartey is convinced 2months is enough for one to learn the “rudiments” of acting.

According to thespian who runs an acting school dubbed EN academy, his student is ready for the job market after 2months of learning the basics of acting and practicing on the job.

“…who is a full-blown actor? We keep learning every day, I do not think that Abraham Attah was a full-blown actor before he became the celebrity we see. You just need opportunity, you just need guidance, and acting is doing. As long as you’re on the field constantly practising…so for two months is not for you to be fully blown but it is enough for you to acquire the skill and use that skill to push whatever career you want to do. I think that 2month is enough to know the nitty-gritty, to know the basics of acting and show business.”

Eddie Nartey opined when MzGee asked if two months of learning was enough to become a full-blown actor.

Asked if the system he is running does not rubbish the university structure of studying the arts for 4years, the actor who spent 4years of his life studying theatre arts at the University of Ghana questions the rationale of learning theories for a profession that is more practical. He believes the 4years in University studying theatre arts was a waste of time.

“I don’t know why I did that. It is too much, it is too long, what are am I learning. I went to the school of performing arts but sometimes, I am like why did I go for 4years? Learning Medieval theatre, Greek, what the hell am I going to do with Greek theatre? Sometimes History is good but it doesn’t really impact you in any way when it comes to doing the work.”

"We go to school for 4 years, School of Performing Arts and the whole year you do like 1 production participation, hell no!" the actor cum principal of EN Academy tells MzGee.

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