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Stop pressurising women with ‘when are you getting married’ questions – Berla Mundi

Broadcaster, Berla Mundi Broadcaster, Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi has listed challenges society puts women through

• She says society is pressurising women who are unmarried or childless with unnecessary questions

• She has advised that society put an end to these questions

Broadcaster, Berla Mundi, has stated that many women are facing emotional and psychological pressures from society who opine that their marriages or childbirth has been delayed.

For every young woman above the age of 25 years, the question of when are you getting married might have been possed to her by family or friends at least once and for women who are married, the same society comes back with the question of when they plan to have children.

But according to Berla, it is high time, people put an end to posing such questions to women and married couples as it tends to take a toll on their mental health.

She wrote: "You are ageing. When are you going to marry?’ ‘Oh, you got married? Congrats. When are you having a baby?’ Dear society, why do you keep asking these? Do you think of the emotional and psychological pressure you place on these people?"

Her post has generated mixed reactions as some argued that it is normal for family members to ask such questions, whereas others sided with the broadcaster’s views.

"It's normal...people ask you because of fear you might not have kids since there is a timeline to when you can do that," Ghana Fabrizio Ramona on Twitter wrote.

Another, Kwame Yeboah said: "You’ll start seeing a problem with it when, unfortunately, your wife is unable to give birth. It’s traumatizing."

A third, Robert added: "If we should listen to the society my sister I bet you this life ankasa won't sweet you at all because the society almost everything that you'll do and they still have many questions to ask no matter what."