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Entertainment of Monday, 21 February 2022


Stonebwoy questioned for ‘promoting violence’

Stonebwoy Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy asks fans to slap alleged fraudster

Stonebwoy criticised over a tweet

Photo of alleged fraudster shared on social media

A tweet from Reggae/Dancehall musician, Stonebwoy has engendered conversation on social media platforms with some tweeps asserting that the artiste by that tweet is promoting violence.

On Sunday, Stonebwoy shared a flyer which had his photo, contact information, amounts people could invest, and their corresponding returns. This poster as indicated by Stonebwoy emanated from a fraudster who was bent on defrauding followers of the musician.

In his quest to issue a disclaimer, Stonebwoy also shared a Whatsapp screenshot which displayed the photograph and name of the alleged fraudster.

“Scam alert! That’s the guy behind it”, a part of Stonebwoy’s tweet read.

While apologizing to persons who may have been scammed by the alleged fraudster, Stonebwoy encouraged his fans to “help report this to the police if you find him”, adding that “a slap or two before he gets there… But make sure he is the one.”

Although some find the tweet funny, others have argued that it is repugnant for one to encourage others to assault an alleged scammer. While some have asserted that Stonebwoy, with his level of influence, should have just entreated his followers to assist the police in investigating the matter in order to bring the offender(s) to book, others have said it could be a mistaken identity, stressing that scammers do not use their photos as profile pictures for security reasons.

They have argued that some scammers use the pictures of other persons in their operations hence, the advice, despite the caveat ‘make sure he’s the one’, was unnecessary.

Below is Stonebwoy's tweet and some reactions.

View his Timepath below: