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Entertainment of Sunday, 20 February 2022


She’s not the one – How shocked Kumchacha reacted to Diana Asamoah’s new look

Kumchacha has expressed shock play videoKumchacha has expressed shock

Diana Asamoah takes up new transformative look

Kumchacha doubts new Diana Asamoah looks

It is a photoshop, says Kumchacha

Prophet Nicholas Osei (Kumchacha) was recently on radio making pronouncements about the recent transformation of female gospel artiste, Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

From applying heavy makeup to adorning herself with high fashion clothing and spotting long her extensions, Diana Asamoah who is believed to be in her early 50s in the last few months has been serving her fans with how best old age can look young.

But reacting to her new looks on Oman Channel, Prophet Nicholas Osei was unenthusiastic about the new Diana Asamoah.

Seeing pictures of her new looks for the first time, Prophet Kumchacha expressed doubt about the personality in the picture insisting it was the result of a studio work.

“Are you sure this is Diana Asamoah? You are lying, she is not the one,” a shocked Kumchacha stated on seeing videos and pictures of the new Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

“Are you not sure this is editing or photoshop. She is not the one. I kumchacha know Diana Asamoah right from Kumasi to Accra and this does not look like her,” he added.

According to Kumchacha, while he sees nothing wrong with a woman trying to look good, he feels the gospel star has gone overboard and is being excessive.

“There is nothing bad in trying to look good. But this looks like a corpse, she is not the one and I am pleading with you not to mistaken my mother’s identity. Diana can never do this,” Kumchacha doubted.

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