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Entertainment of Saturday, 19 February 2022


‘Shameless’ Lutterodt had the nerve to judge Yvonne Nelson, Zionfelix - Amanda Jissih

Amanda Jissih has voiced out her opinion on Counsellor Luterodt's infidelity saga play videoAmanda Jissih has voiced out her opinion on Counsellor Luterodt's infidelity saga

Amanda Jissih wades in Counsellor Luterodt’s infidelity brouhaha

Ghanaians slam Counsellor Lutterodt for setting a bad precedence

Counsellor Lutterodt boldly admits to committing adultery

Popular media personality, Amanda Jissih, has descended heavily on Rev. Counsellor George Lutterodt for freely condemning others but failing to put his own life in check.

She said Counsellor Lutterodt has the habit of judging others when it turns out that he has a questionable and morally unstable character.

Amanda, who was reacting to Counsellor Lutterodt’s infidelity confessions, wondered how he could bear a child out of wedlock but doesn’t hesitate to criticize others who get into similar situations.

Earlier during an interview with Angel FM, Counsellor Lutterodt established how he bore a child outside marriage and hid it from his wife for five years.

“After I got married, I impregnated another girl outside the marriage and my wife was not aware. Five years later until my wife was informed about it. I already have four kids with my wife and I have another child out there. In all, I have five kids and I’m proud of it. This one is a fresh one and it's okay. I’m very cool and I don’t have a problem with it. I am bold and I am a lion,” he earlier stated in a video making rounds on the internet.

But reacting to the incident, Amanda Jissih has lambasted Counsellor Lutterodt for judging the likes of Yvonne Nelson and Zionfelix in particular when they found themselves in similar instances.

Making her submission in the local Ga dialect, Amanda Jissih couldn’t hide her displeasure;

“Counsellor Luterodt you had the nerve to sit on radio, touted yourself as a lion and boldly established that you cheated on your wife. You went behind your wife to give birth with someone else, hid it from her for five years and you’re proud of it. You’ve done well. You claim to be a counsellor and you usually sit on several media platforms to criticize others. You blasted Zionfelix and Yvonne Nelson when their issues popped up. But look at you. You’re able to treat someone you call your wife, someone you share the same bed with in this manner.

“Counsellor I’ll urge you to stop counselling. You can keep impregnating people if you so wish but stop counselling others. Remove the counselling tag from yourself. The white-collar you’ve been wearing as a reverend minister too, take it off. You can preach but remove the collar. You people are throwing dirt on the profession. You’ve normalized the disrespect pastors are receiving these days. How do you intend to offer good counsel to the youth? Do you think before you act? You couldn’t even wear a condom to protect yourself. Tell me why are you married?" she stated.

Meanwhile, several individuals on social media have asked Mr Lutterodt to quit his counselling profession as he preaches virtues but practices vice.

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