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Sex before marriage helps build connection – Elorm Beenie

Publicist, Elorm Beenie play videoPublicist, Elorm Beenie

• Publicist Elorm says sex before marriage prepares you towards what to expect when you settle

• He argued that sex before marriage creates a bond between you and your partner

• Elorm added that some women who are not in for love use men to satisfy their sexual desires

Publicist, Elorm Beenie, has opposed the view that sex is most enjoyed after marriage.

According to him, sex before marriage creates a bond between lovers and also allows one to know their partner all-round.

Due to religious beliefs and moral upbringing, some individuals especially women say they will not have sexual intercourse with their partners no matter their desire to. But instead, wait until their marriage rites are being performed before giving out the cookie.

Speaking on Moans and Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV, Elorm argued that sex before marriage helps one to make informed discussion and also skipped the disappointment and heartbreak some married couples experience after realizing that their partners don't meet their sexual expectations.

“It’s not all about sex but sex builds connection… psychologically, physically, and emotional. It builds a lot of bonding between the two of you and it might even reveal certain things to you before you get into the marriage stage so, for me, I think it is very important to know. There are men who are married to a nympho, women who love a lot of sex and they have their besties whom they do whatever things with so, won't it be better for the man to know these to prepare him for what he’s going in for?

"Won't it be better for the woman to know the kind of man she is getting married to especially in these times where we say he’s a one minute or two minutes man? Will you rather get married to a gentleman and later find out that he is impotent? ...If we later find out that our sex life is bad, and start having different perceptions about each other and doing things whilst in the marriage... which one will you go for? On my side, I would rather want to know the person 360. I want to get the cookie before I get married and I won't be shy about it," he stated.

He further debunked the claim that most men stay in their relationship just for sex.

He noted that the narrative has changed as most women are now using men to satisfy their sexual pleasures.

"Why do women feel like it’s only the men who crave the sex? They think that is the only thing men want. There are a lot of women out there who also just want to have you, especially in recent times," he said.

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