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Entertainment of Sunday, 29 August 2021


Sark was probably over-excited when he affirmed the media’s disregard for artistes – Afua Papabi

Rapper Sarkodie Rapper Sarkodie

Ghanaian presenter and entertainment analyst, Afia Papabi, has blamed Sarkodie’s affirmation of the Ghanaian media’s lack of appreciation for artists to a possible over-excitement.

Sarkodie, in an interview on a Nigeria-based radio station during his ‘No Pressure’ album tour, affirmed that the Ghanaian media is unappreciative of local talents.

Afia Papabi forwarded her concerns on this issue on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra hosted by Doctar Cann.

“I don’t know the extent of support that the Ghanaian artists want from us anymore because if you look at artists who have become very popular in Ghana and beyond now, it is through the media that they have gained that recognition. If the Ghanaian media does not support artists, then how did they get internationally recognized too”, she wondered.

Afia commented that if Ghanaian artists are granted international interviews and they go there only to say that they are not getting the support that they need from the Ghanaian media, it gets her confused because she cannot figure out what they want anymore.

The only conclusion she could deduce from this is that “it is probably over-excitement that pushes them to say such things because they never dreamt they would be there”. She advised Ghanaian artists to relax during foreign interviews so as not to say things that are not true and portray the Ghanaian media as unsupportive."

“When you do that, it makes it look like we only dwell on negativity and not positivity but negative and positive news works in the media. Shatta Wale will tell you that negativity is what has taken him to the heights he has achieved so just relax when you go or interviews”, she further advised.