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Music of Wednesday, 29 September 2010


SK Blinkz turned me down – Nana Boroo

In the midst of 'controversies and allegations' that he did not give due recognition to SK Blinkz on his hit song Aha Ye De, and the perception that his stay in the industry was a nine day's wonder, Nana Boroo says he is unfazed and promises a long stay.

Reacting to these assertions in an exclusive interview with Tuesday, the hit maker said “When I hear these allegations and stories, it’s funny to me...”

“I am in to make my fans happy and I am taking it as a business I do.”

He called on his fans to keep their fingers crossed because he has got a lot more to offer, adding, “destiny can never be changed, but can be delayed.”

Nana Boroo who is yet to make any official statement on his failure to recognise SK Blinkz as a major contributor to the Aha Ye De song and its success, said SK Blinkz was not featured in the song because of the latter's reluctance.

He explained that while he tried frantically to bring SK Blinks on board during the genesis of the song, he (SK Blinkz) turned him down thinking the song was just a demo.

“I don’t want to talk about it...I gave him the opportunity to feature fully with me but he denied it thinking the song we did was just a demo. I even saw him at the Temafest sometime ago and I asked him to come let’s perform the Aha Ye De track, he told me he was with Obuor, so he will not come,” he revealed.

“He (SK Blinkz) didn’t expect the song to be this big,” he added.

The Aha Ye De song became the toast of the Easter celebrations and even the theme song for promotions. He attributed its success to hard work and the huge investments they made in recording, promoting and shooting the video for the song.

Touching on the way forward, Nana Boroo said he is not quiet as being speculated and that he will not fade away as he is being compared to the likes of Deeba and Keteke.

“I have a new single out, Be Bia So So meaning a woman with enough body which is already enjoying airplay. I will be shooting the video Sunday and Ghana should expect the baddest and hottest video ever shot in Ghana.”