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Psychologist explains why spending on weddings lead to mental slavery

File photo: Men have been advised to stop enslaving women after marrying them play videoFile photo: Men have been advised to stop enslaving women after marrying them

• The psychologist has advised husbands to desist from labeling wives as their property

• He said men mentally enslave their wives after spending so much to pay their bride price

• Men mostly incur the majority of cost during weddings in Ghana

Senior Psychologist at the University of Ghana, Professor Joseph Osafo has established that the practice where men ‘break the bank’ to wed their fiancées often creates the perception that they have acquired a property.

He said most women are often enslaved in the minds of men because of the fortune usually spent on weddings.

In Ghana, it is a custom that men take up the responsibility of covering the cost of organizing wedding ceremonies as well as paying the bride price of their beloved.

But reacting to this practice which has become predominant in the Ghanaian cultural setting, Prof. Joseph Osafo stated during PeaceFM’s Kokroko that;
''That mindset that you have paid money to wed woman is a slavery mentality. It gives the impression that when someone marries a woman, he has bought her. When you marry a woman, she's not your property. There is a contract but she is not your property."

According to the psychologist, the mentality often pushes men to take impulsive and regretful actions when something goes wrong in the marriage.

He also advised women to be measured in their demands on their partners stressing "money is blood".

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