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Movies of Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Prince David Osei to star alongside Djimon Hounsou

After making the biggest breakthrough of his career by co-starring in a Hollywood horror movie, The Dead in 2010, Prince David Osei is set to star in another Hollywood blockbuster this year.

Although information about the movie deal is sketchy, Prince confirmed in an interview with that, “there is a deal for me to play the younger brother of Djimon Hounsou, the guy who stared in the movie, Blood Diamonds.”

He narrated that after the premiering of the The Death movie at the Empire Cinema at the Leicester Square in London, he was approached by several people in the industry who were impressed not only with his performance in the movie but the sentiments and experiences he shared after the premiering.

He said, that was for him a good omen that things were about to happen.

Prince indicated he is yet to be told the title of the movie as well as other cast to be engaged but his sources say other renowned acts are on the card.

Prince said “they (producers) gave me a slight idea [of the story] but the final work has not been completed… once they are ready, I will let everybody know” adding the movie will be shot in the desert possibly in Morocco around October and December this year.

Currently, he is dealing with Latitude Films in the UK and Indelible Films productions – his manager happens to be with Latitude Films.

Considering the many movie roles coming his way, Prince is basking in excitement but remains appreciative of God's intervention in his life.

“Thanks to God, because not everybody has it this way. I am enjoying what I do,” he said.

His first Hollywood movie, The Dead, shot in Burkina Faso and Ghana respectively was directed by Howard J Ford and It tells the story of an American mercenary (Rob Freeman), the sole survivor of a plane crash, who was made to run the gauntlet across Africa.

He was forced to join forces with a local military man played by Prince David Osei as Sergeant Dembele, desperately searching for his son amongst the chaos, they fight together to survive.

That movie is set for its cinema release on June 8 and June 10 in Los Angeles and Boston respectively – an event he will be attending.