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Pregnancy guide for men: Here’s how to help your wife during and after pregnancy

Men must endeavor to earn their spot as the best dad and partner Men must endeavor to earn their spot as the best dad and partner

It is the little things you do during and after pregnancy that determine the father title you want so much bestowed on you.

Your partner will need all the support from you for the next nine months and after. Make her pregnancy experience fun by actively involving yourself in her journey.

Here are 5 things we recommend you do:

Help out in the home

Remember she is not your mum, you do not expect her to do your laundry, cook, and clean as your mum does for you, you have to pitch in more. You can do the cooking so she can rest her feet. It is not a crime to hire a house helper if you can afford one. Don’t forget to tell her she’s beautiful every day; and oh, women love it when you affectionately play with their bumps.

Learn more about pregnancy

Believe me when I say your wife will have a nine months course on babies before the baby is in. Google is her best friend. Get ready for, “honey did you know this is or isn’t good for the baby.” It's nice to know you are interested too, do some reading to prepare too. Go with her to her doctor's visits. Impress her with your knowledge too, show off regularly with some “did you knows”.

Give her frequent massage

Black man massaging his pregnant wife's shoulders, both sitting on a bed at home, free space.

Don’t be selfish and tell yourself you’re equally tired, now is the time to put in your massage skills. Give her foot rubs and lower back rubs with some massage oils to help with her aching and stretching body. Point scores for happy endings.

Create memories

It’s normal you feel the urge to work harder because you’re a soon-to-be dad, take a break and spend some with your partner too. Trust me, when the baby comes, your life changes, now is the best time to create memories. Be her birth partner and don’t go collapsing in the labor ward. Make sure she can reach you at all times.

Don’t stop after the baby comes

Your partner needs to recover after she has a baby. Be her nurse, help with the baby as much as you can. Let her catch some sleep and show her you’ll always be there for her.

Earn your spot as the best dad and partner. When friends and family ask how you’re doing, please respond “We are pregnant”.