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Entertainment of Monday, 15 May 2017


No married men for me - Jessica Larnyoh

Ever since her pictures surfaced on the internet a couple of years ago, actress Jessica Larnyoh’s social media inboxes have been have been swamped with romantic advances from men, most of them older and very married.

But the curvaceous Jessica wishes they would let her be. In fact, she is tired of being inundated with such proposals and has a simple message for her ‘married suitors’—”I am not interested. I do not do sugar daddies.

I do not do married men”, she told Showbiz in a conversation last week.The Stalemate actress said she believes in the law of karma which is one reason why married men and sugar daddies are a no go area for her.

“Karma always has a way of dealing us what we do to others no matter how long it takes and because of this, no matter the many juicy benefits and rewards that come with dating a sugar daddy or a married man, I will not do it. I am not interested.

“That is not to say that I would have considered dating such men but for the law of karma. I live my life by certain principles and this has a role to play in my decision-making.

“ You see, my peace of mind is paramount. I don’t want any woman coming after me about her husband and all the drama that comes with such a relationship,” she added.

According to Jessica, some women venture into relationships with sugar daddies and married men for a variety of reasons. “ Some do it because they're struggling in life and need

someone to take care of them, pay off their debts among others. “There are others whose hearts have been broken by their boyfriends so they go in for older and married men where

they do not need to ‘invest’ so much, no commitment among others. But whatever the reason is, it is not something I would do and I also won’t advise others to do it,” she added.

Asked how she deals with her unwanted suitors, Jessica replied, “I get proposals from such men every passing day through my social media inboxes but what I do is to ignore them. I don’t

believe in being rude so I just ignore these messages but they keep coming.”

A graduate of the Central University College, Jessica started her career as a model. She won the first Miss Teen Ghana at age 15. With time, her love for acting developed.

She has featured in movies such as Stalemate, True Lies, I Do and the yet-to-be-released, The Table.

She has also played roles in several series which have aired on TV and online.

Jessica who has also worked with Eazzy, D Black and Nigeria’s MI as a video vixen is getting ready to open a walk–in–massage centre.